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We Know How to Move

Smooth Move

Organize Your Move
The Tag-A-Room Labeling System starts by setting a plan prior to your move. By organizing the loading and unloading of your goods, you decrease damages and injury, as well as, conserve your personal energy and time. This labeling system is also great for keeping your items in storage identified and organized for a later date.

Labeling Directions
All labels are color coded and designed for specific rooms throughout the home/office. The labels are used to identify the room where each box is to be placed. You can label boxes as well as furniture. This will save time during the unloading process by avoiding any confusion on the placement of your boxes and making the most of every trip into the new place.

Plan Your New Layout Early
Mark each doorway in your new home/office with the appropriate label for each room. Place label on piece of paper. Do not place label directly on door or wall surface. Adhesive is permanent. Now, simply take items to their designated rooms.

Moving Tips

Garage Sale Tips
We've put together some helpful tips and resources to assist you in your move. Each are in easy to read PDF format, suitable for printing.Garage Sale Tips
To have a successful garage sale you should first establish a plan. We have put together some helpful tips to assist you in having a fun and profitable garage sale.
Download (52k)

Packing Tips
Here are a few tips to make the packing process less cumbersome and more efficient.
Download (52k)

Moving Plan
Our checklist helps keep you organized from eight weeks before you move.
Download (60k)

To get a quote on moving rates, please visit our sister company, Moving World.